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PsychicPurple WordPress Theme by @thealexidavis |

The PsychicPurple WordPress theme is a grid-based, responsive theme for blogs.

Header & Widgets

It features a bright purple header at the top of the page and a widget-enabled sidebar as well as three widget areas in the footer.


Posts are displayed with their featured image, or a default image if they have none, in a grid going three across on the main page. Other archive pages (including category and tag pages) display the posts simply going down the page.

On screens smaller that 701 pixels wide, the sidebar is pushed to the bottom of the page and posts are shown one after the other vertically.

Image Post Type

The Image post type is enabled for this theme, and Image type posts are displayed without their titles shown.

Image as Link

On non-permalink pages, the featured image (or default image) is a link to the post itself.

View a live demo


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